Why Need To Know Now?

The world is changing fast, right now, in ways that we’re sometimes simply not aware of, and in ways it is easy to misunderstand.

So, in one way of looking at it, Need To Know Now is an exercise in framing.

At this early stage, we don’t aim to deliver a deep-dive format; we instead link to those items, articles, reports and commentaries that - we believe - supplement the headline narratives that we encounter on a range of issues, providing useful additional context to consider around the challenges that we face, today.

Subject areas span a range - technologies, supply chains, geopolitics (where not simply too large to look at), risks and beyond.

Given the launch date - January 2023 - this is something of a work-in-progress. Ideally, we’re aiming for two editions in the working week, supplemented by a weekender which looks at a particular item or subject. But this, of course, depends on whether we’re able to satisfy a reading audience.

Only time will tell, both with Need To Know Now and on a host of other subjects.

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